Experienced specialists who took part in domestic and foreign projects.

Project implementation with targeted application of industry-specific software tools.

Services offered:

1. Modeling of mining and geological objects both historical and functioning.

It includes the following types of work:

- Analysis of historical materials on geological exploration. Study of geological exploration reports, assessment of the completeness of available geological exploration information.

- Database creation. Creation of database structure. Data input from various sources

- Reports, graphic materials and primary documentation. Database check, analysis and removal of errors.

- Reference of graphic materials. Spatial reference of geological graphics and mine graphic documentation.

- Geological-structural modeling. Building of lithological rock varieties and tectonic faults within the work site.

- Mineral deposits modeling. Modeling of geological forms of minerals within the approved boundaries taking into account the category of reserves and resources. Modeling of mineralization zones, boundaries of the oxidation zone, and natural types of the commercial component.

- Modeling of underground and open workings. Building of existing exploratory mining works, open pits and dumps.

- Preparation of graphic materials, as a set of reporting documents.

As a result, this work package will allow us:
- To proceed from " paper-based media" of accumulated geological survey information to systematic and verified digital data;
- To revise the concept of the deposit structure,
- To identify perspective areas of the development of mining operations comparing the plan and the fact;
- To promptly re-evaluate reserves (including with block modeling);
- To significantly speed up work on the design of mining system;
- To evaluate the commercial value of the target under study;
- To promote the implementation of software solutions to mining industrial processes;
- To increase the investment potential of the deposit.

2. Re-evaluation of the deposit reserves. To recalculate the deposit reserves taking into account current indicators of economic conditions. Possibility to convert the project from paper copy to digital one.

3. Reserves calculation approved by State Reserves Committee. We adopt the project and defend it in the State Reserves Committee. The reserve calculation is made in a traditional (manual) way, as well as necessarily using software.

4. Expertise of FS and reports with calculation of reserves. Our priority is the independent reasoned conclusion.

5. Designing of open and underground mining systems. Building of the production site (open pit) surface current state in software for further processing. Designing of mines, open pits, dumps and roads.

6. Open pit optimization and mine planning. Determination of the optimal open pit envelope using software based on economic parameters (cost of ore mining, cost of ore processing, cost of finished products etc.). Long-term (strategic) planning from 2 years and more – the possibility to analyse the plan for the development of mining work for the future.

7. Software products implementation into the production process.



"Effective use of data increases the information value"