“AKNIL” Reagent


Reagent as a viscous opaque liquid. Absolutely harmless to people, environment and equipment. Highly soluble in water.

PACKAGE Convenient plastic can 25 kg each. Compact barrels 200 kg each.

Today ISSUIES related to dust are the most topical throughout the world; their solving has become a priority, as dust content of industrial facilities, roads, and sites results in worsening working conditions, diseases, with exceeding the maximum allowable concentration of dust by several times.

High dust content of air decreased visibility especially at night that creates conditions for accidents during movement of utility vehicles, as well as for rapid wear of all parts of expensive machines and mechanisms.

Dust is equally harmful to humans, nature and mechanisms. Dust suppression is the responsibility of enterprises operating in places of dust generation to protect the environment and human beings.


High quality reagent  can be used in various economic sectors, where work is carried out at the open field sites. For example, Mining and Geological Sector, Oil and Gas, Power Industry, Construction.


After our product is applied to the ground, it forms ground and dust retention coat, which is weather- and wear resistant. As a result of the application, road dust stops to travel in the air. The smallest particles of dust are bound with the ground and do not raise even when heavy trucks are moving along the road..


For effective dust consolidation, the following dose is recommended: to mix 1 liter of reagent with 5 liters of water per 6m2 of the surface being treated. When the agent is subsequently applied to the same site, the ratio will be 1: 9.


Add the required amount of reagent to the truck tank with water and mix thoroughly. The product is ready for spraying. The agent is applied in a smooth, opaque layer. Ease of use.

PARAMETERS Time of setting is 3 hours | Period of property retention is up to 120 days | Resistant to temperature

QUALITY Laboratory and field study | Certificate of origin | Patented

Made in Uzbekistan

Approved by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environmental Protection






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